Shatter is a new approach to an old problem.
When it comes to unconscious bias, you don't know it when you see it.
That's because you won't actually see it

Women experience the effects of unconscious bias all the time - from men, from other women, and themselves. These biases affect how women behave, and how others behave toward women.

Shatter analyzes how these biases negatively impact your job hunt, and provides coaching on how to overcome them.

The confidence gap
Men hit apply when they meet 60% of the requirements
But women wait until they hit 100%

This means qualified, and even overqualified women, are missing out on big opportunities. We compare your skills to the job and provide coaching to ensure you apply to jobs comparably to your male peers.

The language bias

Job descriptions tend to use masculine language, which causes women to shy away from that apply button. We analyze job descriptions for biased language, and give you a nudge if there's a risk that it may scare you away.

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