Our Story

We're a dedicated group of women who want to empower other women.
Change for women in the workplace? We're here for it.
Have you ever gotten so mad about an issue that you started your own company to fight it?

Well, we did.

That’s what happened when the founding Shatter team realized that if things don’t change, it will take hundreds of years for women to have the same wealth and leadership representation that men have.

Unfortunately, the people at the table who make the big decisions – and who ultimately have the money to influence those decisions – are still mostly male and mostly white.

If we don't rally together to do something, and do something FAST, to get more women in power, our future is going to resemble our past.

We want to get more women to the top. We want to see a world where more women have the power to help us build the future we ALL deserve.

We've built Shatter alongside job hunters, recruiters, business owners and social advocates to bring you solutions that work. With Shatter, it's easier now than ever to close the wealth and leadership gaps for YOU while also moving the needle for ALL WOMEN.

Our crew
We’ve assembled a team of passionate technologists and social advocates who are tired of waiting for change and determined to make things happen.
Sarah Woods
Leah Musie
Lead Engineer
Beth Callam
Lead Engineer
Sarah Atkinson
Lead Product Designer
Emily Bench
Lead Marketer

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